Top 10 Most Downloaded Close the Chapter Podcast Episodes in 2022


Top 10 Most Downloaded Close the Chapter Podcast Episodes in 2022 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of the Close the Chapter Podcast! It’s hard to believe the first episode aired on April 22, 2019. We have released over 193 solo and guest episodes. My mission and goal for […]

Turning Inner Struggle Into Inner Peace


Turning Inner Struggle Into Inner Peace Do you feel unworthy, unloved, unimportant, or not good enough? Do you remember when you started to feel this way? Most likely, it started some time ago. We may deny, cover-up, or stuff how we feel. The power comes when we stop and decide to deal with how we […]

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Are You Stuck in Your Anger?


Are You Stuck in Your Anger? We can all relate to getting angry. Anger is a normal human emotion.  It is often triggered by a sense of endangerment by an outright physical threat or by a threat to our self-esteem or dignity.  Common triggers for anger include “being treated unjustly or rudely, being insulted or […]

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Passion Leads to Purpose


Passion Leads to Purpose What do you feel passionate about?  What do you love (besides your family, children, and friends)? Our passion often leads us to our purpose in life. For example, I am absolutely passionate about helping people work through blocks or barriers such as hurt, guilt, shame, and self-doubt in order to experience […]

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The Fear Factor


The Fear Factor Fear is an emotion caused by anticipated danger. We all have fears. It is a natural part of human existence and a response to perceived physical and emotional danger.  Some fears can be helpful in that they alert us to danger. But often we fear situations that are in no way life-or-death, […]

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How to Improve Your Relationships


How to Improve Your Relationships When couples are in crisis or having issues, often they feel ashamed so they don’t talk to anyone about it. Or, maybe, they turn to their family and then get them in the middle of the issues. They feel lost, alone and don’t know how to make the relationship work. […]

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Relationship Killers


The Four Relationship Killers Have you ever wondered why some relationships make it while others fail?  At a very early age, I developed a keen curiosity about people and relationships. I often wondered why people made certain choices like who they dated or married. I had a thirst and passion to find out answers.  I […]

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Lessons Learned From Imperfect Parenting


Lessons Learned From Imperfect Parenting There is no such thing as perfect parenting. When you take your baby home, the hospital doesn’t hand you a how-to manual. Parents learn on-the-job.   Parents do the best we can with what we know. We tend to take what we liked or didn’t like from our own parents and […]

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Giving Away Your Power


Stop Giving Away Your Power Do you give other people your power by letting them control how you feel about yourself? Do you try to please others so you will feel better about yourself? Do you try to keep the peace within your relationships by not rocking the boat so you end up walking on […]

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Hiding Behind Our Masks


Hiding behind our masks Do you ever feel like you wear a mask to cover how you really feel in order to fit in or be accepted? Do you put on a happy face even when you feel sad? Do you feel like you have to be a certain way in order for people to […]

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Are you wanting someone to “Complete You”?


Is your love life like the movies?  Are you wanting someone to “Complete You?” Relationships have become one of the most important factors towards defining ourselves and our happiness.   Often, people look for happiness from their partner. They may have this idea that the “perfect match” will somehow “complete” them. They are putting their worth […]

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