Change is an Inside Job


Change is an Inside Job | 1.25.2022 Where does your worth and value come from? We live in a society that looks outside of ourselves to feel good about who we are. We compare ourselves to others and feel less than and not good enough. We learn quickly this is an empty space that cannot […]

Top 10 Most Downloaded Close the Chapter Podcast Episodes in 2020


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of the Close the Chapter Podcast! It’s hard to believe the first episode aired on April 22, 2019. We have released over 89 solo and guest episodes. My mission and goal for the podcast was and continues to be helping you find powerful, […]

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5 Ways to Create More Balance


Do you feel out of balance with your life? Do you feel overwhelmed with trying to work, manage family life and volunteering? Do you feel like you are just going through the motions and not really living in the present moment because you are thinking about your to do list? You are not alone!  We […]

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Do You Feel Anxious or Depressed?


Do You Feel Anxious or Depressed?   Many people are dealing with anxiety or depression and have for many years. It can be extremely helpful to explore what is underneath these powerful emotions to move through them and get to the other side.  People suffering from depression often are dealing with stuff from the past, […]

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Speaking Your Truth


Speaking Your Truth Do you feel afraid to say how you feel in fear of being rejected, abandoned, sounding stupid, not feeling good enough or experiencing too much pain? Did you learn how to communicate your feelings? Many people never learned how to share how they feel in a healthy and productive way so they […]

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Is Your Past Really In The Past?


Is your past really in the past? Do you wish your past didn’t impact you today? Do you wish you could forget about it? Do you find yourself triggered or upset over what seem to be little things? Do you find your anger out of control? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, […]

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Step Into Your Greatness


Step Into Your Greatness Do you ever feel like you can’t get out of your head? Your mind is filled with the same thoughts that play over and over. Do you worry and have a lot of anxiety? Are you operating out of fear? Are these blocks stopping you from stepping into your worth?  When […]

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What Brings You Happiness?


What brings you happiness? What does happiness mean to you? Does it mean peace, loving and accepting yourself, stepping into your worth or something else? Stop and really think about the question. Figuring this out can be extremely powerful and life changing.  Is happiness about achievements, stuff, money, beauty, or how many likes you have […]

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The big “J”: Judgment Why do we all judge ourselves and others? Do you feel like your own worst critic? Do you find yourself being critical and judgmental of those around you? It plays such a large role in our society and has an impact on how we see ourselves. It can keep us stuck […]

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Turning Inner Struggle Into Inner Peace


Turning Inner Struggle Into Inner Peace Do you feel unworthy, unloved, unimportant, or not good enough? Do you remember when you started to feel this way? Most likely, it started some time ago. We may deny, cover-up, or stuff how we feel. The power comes when we stop and decide to deal with how we […]

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Are You Stuck in Your Anger?


Are You Stuck in Your Anger? We can all relate to getting angry. Anger is a normal human emotion.  It is often triggered by a sense of endangerment by an outright physical threat or by a threat to our self-esteem or dignity.  Common triggers for anger include “being treated unjustly or rudely, being insulted or […]

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