Are You Sleepwalking Through Your Life? | 1.11.2022

Do you feel stuck in a rut and doing the same old thing? So many people feel exactly the same way. You may not feel fulfilled with your life or hopeless that things can be different. When you start working on yourself, you will see your life and the world with a different set of lenses. It really does shift your life in a way you might not thought was possible. You may be seeing things through distorted or foggy lenses now and not living in the present. 

Once you begin the journey of working on your issues, you will begin separating  your issues from others’ and not take things as personally or reacting to what others say so quickly. It gives you a sense of freedom, peace and joy you may not have experienced before. 

How do you begin to wake up and live in the present? Below are some quick steps to start the process. 

  • Write a vision statement. Start writing about what you want and feel passionate about. What are things you dream about or love to do? When do you feel alive and fulfilled? What have you always wanted to do and your negative self-talk has kept you from pursuing it? Once you have your vision statement, post it on your mirror, wall or someplace you will see it daily. 
  • Make a vision board. If you have trouble with your vision statement, start making your vision board first. This will help you gain clarity. Cut out pictures from magazines and paste them onto the board. You can include places you would like to travel to, a job you might dream of doing, inspirational people and words, quotes or anything motivational. Hang this up and look at it regularly. 
  • Determine your blocks. Start exploring your blocks to waking up and being present. Is there a past issue or trauma you haven’t dealt with that needs to be worked through and removed as an obstacle? Do you have some beliefs or negative thoughts that play in your head as tapes? For example, you may believe, “I am not good enough. I am different. I have to be perfect. I am not worthy or unimportant.” It’s important to explore these and where they first started so you can work through them and learn how to shift these into positive self-statements. 
  • Trust and believe you can make a change. Do you feel hopeless to make a change? No matter what has happened in your life or how old you are, it is absolutely possible to change and have more peace and joy. It takes a commitment to working on you and setting things into motion by taking some daily action. It’s all about changing your thoughts and behaviors. Do it today!

-Kristen D Boice M.A., LMFT, EMDR Trained

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