Step Into Your Greatness


Step Into Your Greatness Do you ever feel like you can’t get out of your head? Your mind is filled with the same thoughts that play over and over. Do you worry and have a lot of anxiety? Are you operating out of fear? Are these blocks stopping you from stepping into your worth?  When […]

Giving Away Your Power


Stop Giving Away Your Power Do you give other people your power by letting them control how you feel about yourself? Do you try to please others so you will feel better about yourself? Do you try to keep the peace within your relationships by not rocking the boat so you end up walking on […]

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Hiding Behind Our Masks


Hiding behind our masks Do you ever feel like you wear a mask to cover how you really feel in order to fit in or be accepted? Do you put on a happy face even when you feel sad? Do you feel like you have to be a certain way in order for people to […]

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Are you wanting someone to “Complete You”?


Is your love life like the movies?  Are you wanting someone to “Complete You?” Relationships have become one of the most important factors towards defining ourselves and our happiness.   Often, people look for happiness from their partner. They may have this idea that the “perfect match” will somehow “complete” them. They are putting their worth […]

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The Power of Family Patterns


The Power of Family Patterns Family patterns, both healthy and unhealthy, have a legacy and power for future generations. We are grateful for healthy patterns. Unhealthy patterns tend to be more difficult to confront. And, these can teach us the most when we are open to exploring them.  How often do we stop and examine […]

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The Blame Game


The blame game Do you blame someone else for your feelings, issues or how your life has turned out?  How does it play out in your relationships, marriage or in the work environment? The blame game can have a powerful impact on your life. It can keep you stuck.  Blame keeps us focused on the […]

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Uncovering Pain Opens the Door to Authenticity


Uncovering pain opens the door to authenticity   What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you like what you see on the inside and out? Do you feel stuck? Do you carry around pain, hurt or trauma that you have buried for years that affect how you see yourself? Do you […]

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What Are Your Shields?


What are your shields? Are you afraid of being hurt? Are you uncomfortable with uncertainty? Are you afraid to feel your feelings? It’s a universal need to feel safe and secure emotionally and physically. Most of us are looking for certainty. We want to know for sure it’s all going to work out. When we […]

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Five Steps to Overcoming Insecurities


Five steps to overcoming insecurities There is one thing most of us have in common – insecurities. What do you feel insecure about? Do you feel insecure about some part of your body or face? Do you sometimes feel not smart enough? You may be well aware of what you don’t like about yourself. If […]

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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Does fear prevent you from doing what you really want to do with your life? Does fear keep you stuck? Are you afraid to fail or speak your truth? If you weren’t afraid, what would you do differently? A state of fear creates anxiety and that anxiety […]

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Managing Holiday Stress


Do you feel more stressed, depressed, overwhelmed or sad during the holidays? You might also feel the sense of joy and peace sprinkled in at times, yet there is a sense of wanting to get through it. Maybe they bring up a sense of grief and loss because they remind you of losing a loved […]

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