Top 10 Most Downloaded Close the Chapter Podcast Episodes in 2022


Top 10 Most Downloaded Close the Chapter Podcast Episodes in 2022 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support of the Close the Chapter Podcast! It’s hard to believe the first episode aired on April 22, 2019. We have released over 193 solo and guest episodes. My mission and goal for […]

The Criticism Epidemic


The Criticism Epidemic | 10.19.2021 How often do you feel criticized by your partner, children, co-worker, boss, friend or parent? Do you feel like you are never good enough no matter what you do? Do you feel like you will not live up to someone else’s expectations of you? Are you critical of yourself and […]

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What Is Your Love Language?


What Is Your Love Language? | 10.11.2021 Have you ever felt unloved by your partner? Perhaps you both are simply speaking two different love languages. There are several great relationship books. One I find extremely helpful when working with couple’s is The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman. According to Chapman, the way we […]

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Bully Prevention


Bully Prevention | 9.21.2021 The effects of being bullied can have a lifelong impact if they are not dealt with or worked through. Bullying can lead to lower self-worth, depression, anxiety and even suicide. When you have either experienced or had one of your children experiences being bullied, it really hits home. If we continue […]

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Parent-Child Relationship


Parent-Child Relationship | 9.06.2021 Do you ever feel like your partner is acting like your parent? Do you communicate to your partner like they are a child? Or, perhaps, you feel like the child in your relationship. Do you feel rebellious or, maybe, you want to take “control” of your partner? If this sounds like […]

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Are You an Enabler?


Are You an Enabler? | 9.1.2021 Do you tend to make excuses for the behavior or choices of others? Do you want to rescue or save others? Do you want to help people and end up feeling exhausted? Are you working harder than the other person? Do you do things for others or stuff your […]

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Healing Through Loss


Healing Through Loss | 8.24.2021 Have you ever experienced loss? How did it impact your life? How did you grieve? Loss is an inevitable part of life, and grief is a natural part of the healing process. Loss can be many different things such as losing someone you love including pets, a job loss, the […]

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Managing Our Triggers


Managing Our Triggers | 8.10.2021 What are your triggers? Have you ever responded with anger by yelling or being short with someone and then feel terrible or guilty because you have no idea what just happened? If so, chances are you were triggered by something.  We all have stressors in our lives. What turns a […]

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Final Step to Healing


Final Step to Healing | 7.19.2021 Is there someone you need to forgive? Maybe you need to forgive yourself, a family member, friend, neighbor or even an abuser. Forgiveness does not mean you condone their choices or agree with their actions. It doesn’t mean you will forget what happened.  Many people think if they forgive […]

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Give Back and Change Your Life


Give Back & Change Your Life  | 07.06.2021 When you are sad, down or feel depressed, how do you handle it? Do you sit and dwell in it or simply feel like a victim of your circumstances? Do you cry and get it out? Do you do something for someone else? Or, perhaps, you do […]

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What Are You Stuffing?


What Are You Stuffing? | 6.29.2021 Do you communicate how you feel or what might be upsetting or bothering you? Or, do you keep it inside and stuff it until you blow up with anger, feel depressed or highly anxious?  Are you the type of person that tries to let things roll off your back? […]

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