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Top 10 Most Downloaded Close the Chapter Podcast Episodes in 2023

I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support of the Close the Chapter Podcast.

From our very first episode, which aired on April 22, 2019, to the 244 solo and guest episodes we've released since then, you have been there for us every step of the way.

My goal for the podcast has always been to provide you with powerful, practical, and purposeful tools and information that can transform your life. I am committed to changing the global conversation around mental health, and I believe that by tuning in, you can find the encouragement, support, and inspiration you need to continue the hard work of healing, finding your true authentic self, and making meaningful changes.

Your support through subscribing, writing meaningful reviews, sharing episodes, and posting on social media makes a significant difference.

The most important work we can do is to cultivate healthy relationships with ourselves and others. By learning how to have authentic and vulnerable conversations, we can create inner peace, calm, clarity, contentment, and compassion.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your ongoing support.

Below are the 10 most downloaded episodes.

It's important to make a commitment to take care of yourself, and I understand that it can be challenging at times. But know that I'm here to support you and cheer you on every step of the way. Remember, you deserve to prioritize your own well-being!

#1 - Episode 198 - Co-Dependency & Finding the Way Back To Yourself with María-Victoria Albina, NP, MPH

#2 - Episode 194 - 6 Fears of Intimacy & Closeness

#3 - Episode 201 - 10 Ways We Self-Sabotage & How to Break the Cycle

#4 - Episode 199 - The Power of Awe: Easing Anxiety, Burnout and Chronic Pain with Jake Eagle, LPC

#5 - Episode 202 - The Impact of Family Imprints & How to Set Boundaries with Johanna Lynn

#6 - Episode 196 - The Courage to Be You & Stop Catastrophizing

#7 - Episode 200 - Breaking Free From Burnout with Amy Mangueira

#8 - Episode 197 - Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free with Nancy Levin

#9 - Episode 195 - What is Displacement & Its Impact

#10 -Episode 207 - Understanding Parent-Child Dynamics in Romantic Relationships


-Kristen D Boice M.A., LMFT, EMDR Trained

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