Close the chapter...
and open the door
to who you really are.

Are you ready to turn the page of your life story?
If you’re feeling…


where you are in life, and frustrated by patterns and habits you can’t kick?


about your work, relationships, health, or future?


and exhausted worrying you’re unloved, unable, or unworthy?


in your current state, and ready to move forward?

Then it’s time to close the chapter—and open a door to extraordinary new possibilities.

My name is Kristen Boice,

a psychotherapist who specializes in getting people
unstuck—and that’s exactly what I help people like
you do every day.

Through my speaking, group coaching work, retreats, and free resources, I help people move forward to close the chapter on things that no longer serve them (like toxic relationships, negative behaviors, and old beliefs), and step into a different way of being.

Translation? If you’re in a period of transition, or have felt trapped where you are for too long, we’ll peel back the layers of your doubts and fears, and uncover the essence of truth already within you—so you can open the door to an incredible new phase of your life, no longer bogged down from the negativity holding you back.

Ready to start closing your chapter?

I know it takes courage to choose to walk through the doorway to the future and leave the past in the past.

I am honored to stand by you as you take this next step.

Then, imagine opening the door to…

more freedom

to live the purpose-filled life you truly, deeply want to live.

more self‒love

and healthy coping mechanisms in every. single. day.

more joy

in the way you work, love, play, nourish your body.

Let's Begin:



I lead talks and workshops for groups big on small on the power of releasing what’s no longer serving them in their lives.



These experiences are like taking a class on… YOU. You’ll learn how to handle emotions, and become more of yourself—free from the pain of the past


retreats & events

I lead transformational, explorational in-person events across the U.S. Click to hear where you can join us next.


free resources

Your journey to closing the chapter and opening the door begins today. Click here to explore the gifts I’ve got waiting for you.



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What Are You Stuffing? | 6.29.2021 Do you communicate how you feel or what might be upsetting or bothering you? Or, do you keep it inside and stuff it until you blow up with anger, feel depressed or highly anxious?  Are you the type of person that tries to let things roll off your back? […]

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Confrontation: Love or Hate It? How do you feel about confronting others or maybe confronting your own issues? Do you tend to run away from confrontation and avoid conflict? If you do tend to shy away from conflict, what is your fear about it? Or, do you hit it head on and move towards it? […]

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The Value of Validation


The Value of Validation It’s a basic human need to want to feel significant, safe, important, understood and valued. We want to be and feel heard. It’s important to use this with your partner, children, friends, family and any other relationships in your life. First, let’s understand what validation means. It’s accepting someone’s feelings. It […]

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The Psychology of Facebook


The Psychology of Facebook Facebook. What comes up for you when you hear this word? Do you feel excited, afraid, annoyed, irritated, thankful, unworthy, anxious, or a combination of emotions?   Facebook certainly continues to be a heated topic of conversation that brings much debate. There are many different feelings and thoughts about Facebook and its […]

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Key Ingredient to Successful Relationships


Key Ingredient to Successful Relationships How would you rate your relationship or marriage? How much time do you spend on your relationship? Are you too busy to really sit down and connect? Are you focused on other things like work, children, hobbies or fill in the blank? Maybe you have just given up.  One reason […]

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The Criticism Epidemic


The Criticism Epidemic How often do you feel criticized by your partner, children, co-worker, boss, friend or parent? Do you feel like you are never good enough no matter what you do? Do you feel like you will not live up to someone else’s expectations of you? Are you critical of yourself and others?  According […]

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Losing Yourself: Steps to Getting You Back


losing Yourself: Steps to Getting You Back It seems like we are living in a society focused on material possessions, being busy, achieving, money, beauty, and getting our worth and value from others. We are losing ourselves in being constantly on the go and busy from one activity or work-related event to another.   There are […]

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Eliminating “Should” And “But” From Our Vocabulary


Eliminating “Should” and “But” From Our Vocabulary How many times do you think or say the word “should” or “but”? How often are you saying or thinking it? Think about times when you have thought or said, I should have called them or shouldn’t have said or done that.  Or, maybe, you have tried to […]

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Do You Take Things Too Personally?


Do You Take Things Too Personally? How many times does someone say or do something that really hurts yet when you stop and think about it, the situation seems as if it’s not about you – it’s about them? Do you feel like you take things too personally? Do you feel like you start blaming […]

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forward is now

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