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Developing Fierce Self-Compassion with Dr. Kristin Neff|11.15.2023

In this episode, Kristen sits down with Dr. Kristin Neff, a researcher, author, and co-founder of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion. They delve into self-compassion, distinguishing it from fierce self-compassion, and share practical strategies for nurturing self-compassion.

You'll Learn

  • The essential components of self-compassion and how it differs from fierce self-compassion.
  • Practical strategies for developing and nurturing self-compassion, especially in the context of parenting.
  • The impact of self-criticism on children and teenagers and how to address it with self-compassion.
  • The role of empathy and modeling in fostering self-compassion within your family.
  • How self-compassion can be a powerful tool for personal growth and well-being, even in the face of self-criticism and shame.



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