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5 Levels of Disconnection and Strategies on How to Reconnect with Dr. Karol Darsa| 7.12.2023

In this episode, Kristen welcomes Dr. Karol Darsa, the author of "The Trauma Map" to discuss her book and the five steps to reconnecting with oneself. They explore the journey many individuals go through to shed beliefs that no longer serve them and work through their past to live more fully in the present.

You'll Learn

  • The five levels of disconnect caused by trauma: body, heart, head, others, and a bigger picture.
  • How trauma can impact our ability to connect with ourselves and others.
  • Assessment methods to identify and address these disconnects.
  • Strategies for reconnecting with your body, emotions, thoughts, relationships, and sense of purpose.
  • The importance of healing from trauma and fostering a more fulfilling life.



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