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Exploring Bipolar Disorder & Saying It Out Loud with Vasavi Kumar| 5.24.2023

In this episode, Kristen talks with Vasavi Kumar, the author of the book “Say it Out Loud,” about bipolar disorder, authenticity and more. They delve into challenging misconceptions about bipolar disorder, exploring family dynamics, and navigating the ongoing path of self-discovery.

You'll Learn

  • Vasavi Kumar's personal journey as a first-generation Indian immigrant and how it shaped her mission to empower others.
  • The significance of finding and embracing your authentic voice in your personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Valuable insights on navigating family relationships and deconstructing societal programming to live a more authentic life.
  • Insights from Vasavi's new book, "Say it Out Loud," which empowers you to use your voice to pursue your dreams and experience personal transformation.


Vasavi's Book: "Say it Out Loud"

Building the Courage to Say it Out Loud


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