Need to find balance again? Try this.



Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and tired?

Do you feel out of balance?

Are you worrying over things that you cannot control?

Are you spending too much time doing things that are not adding value to your life?

Are you overscheduled?

It might be time to hit the pause button and bring awareness to what is taking up your thoughts, time and energy.

The good news is we can make a choice, change and get back into alignment and integrity with ourselves.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you may not feel centered, grounded or peaceful.

You can begin to make a change and feel better.

Try these five steps and see if it makes a difference in how you feel.

1. Keep a daily log for one week. Write down what you do during the day, any worries or concerns taking up your thoughts and the amount of time spent on each item.

For example, you might write down how much time you spend on Facebook or social media during the day and notice it is taking up way too much time and creating feeling of inadequacy or not feeling good enough. You may decide to limit your time or delete your account.

2. Explore why you do or think these things.

Are you doing a lot of things in your life to feel important, to be noticed, to feel like you matter, to get attention, to belong or be liked? It’s essential to stop and understand what drives your behavior, choices and thoughts.

3. Write down your values.

What is important to you? What matters most in your life? Are you living out these values with your actions and thoughts?

4. Set boundaries for yourself.

This can be a gift for you and others. Determine what is out of balance and not aligning with your values. You don’t need to explain yourself when setting boundaries. A simple “no” is enough.

Often, we feel like we need to give a good explanation for why we can’t do something, but it isn’t necessary.

5. Take time for yourself!

This is the most important step. It is often skipped because we tell ourselves we don’t have time. We can absolutely make time to take care of ourselves. It is essential we walk, read, journal, be in nature or whatever helps you to slow down and remember what is important.

You can recharge your batteries, think more clearly, make better decisions and feel more balanced. You are worth it!